Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread


Player Valuation: £35m
On the flip side there were a few moments where he could have been caught out and did very well.

All the more reason these lads need to go play mens football week in week out. Not the under23 garbage. They need to make mistakes that are meaningful and count for something and understand how, and why to eradicate them.

You could see with Warrington, he’s used to having no time on the ball at Tranmere, so he kept the ball moving, kept it flowing and didn’t hesitate. He expected contact each and every time.
Hope he can work on his mental side. Could have potential but no doubt having Keane and Tarky next to him gave him a ton of confidence.


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Warrington looks a tidy passer but don't blow your load yet. Very undisciplined play from him. Bam had to do a lot of covering for him
Bam?? Don’t care… get someone in to sweep up for him…

If he is that confident on the ball and makes it look simple, it’s a skill not one played at EFC has had for as long as I can remember.

Play him… get players around him to cover him.

Expect to blow my load soon ;) (not Siggy esq)


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Tarkowski is going to be class for us. Myko looked good too, but I'm wondering if we really are signing Cornet, and we really are going to play this formation, do we move Myko to LCB and play Cornet was a LWB? Myko is a solid defender, and that would finally give us a left-footed CB while allowing Cornet to provide the offense down that side. A back 3 of Myko - Mina - Tarkowski actually seems decent.

The youngsters all looked promising, except as I mentioned in the thread in the first half, Nkounkou has to improve drastically as a defender or he needs to move up the pitch, because he's nowhere near ready for this level as a fullback.

Unless we come up with something better, Iwobi has to start for me. At least he provides some impetus for getting the ball into the opponent's box. Gbamin looks like a somewhat more technical Doucure, but neither is really what we need in this formation.

If we could get a proper #6, and if we sign Cornet, then given what else we have, maybe we could do something like:

LWB: Cornet
CBS: Myko - Mina - Tarkowski
RWB: Coleman / Patterson
CDM: New guy
CM: Iwobi
CAM: Gordon
STs: Dom & Dele

I guess?


Player Valuation: £35m
First half:

GK: Pickford
RCB: Holgate
CB: Godfrey
LCB: Mina
RWB: Patterson
LWB: Nkounkou
CM: Davies
CM: Doucoure
RW: Gray
LW: Dele
ST: Calvert-Lewin

Second half:

GK: Crellin
RCB: Tarkowski
CB: Keane
LCB: Welch
RWB: Mills
LWB: Mykolenko
CM: Warrington
CM: Gbamin
RW: Iwobi
LW: Gordon
ST: Rondon

• Minutes in the legs of 22 different players.
• Good debut from Tarkowski: blocks, interceptions & leadership
• Good performances from Davies, Mills, Mykolenko, Warrington, Iwobi and Gordon.

• Still no real discernible patterns of play or clarity on what we’re trying to achieve when in or out of possession.
• Conceded from a defensive set piece again.
• No real attempts on goal across the 90 minutes.
• Poor / below-par performances from Holgate, Doucoure, Dele, Gray, Gbamin and Rondon.
• Tactical inflexibility in playing 5-2-3 for the full 90 minutes despite being overrun in the middle throughout.

This is gonna be a theme until Frank is sacked, I can see it coming, no Everton manager should be allowed to play 5 at the back under any circumstances.


Player Valuation: £8m
Warrington looks like a proper player - always seems to have time on the ball.

Thought Gbamin had his best ever game for us!

Gordon needs to spend less time on the floor.

Tarkowski - what we've been crying out for.

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