Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

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How many low points do we have to endure before they stop becoming low points and become the norm? I don’t know the answer to that question but surely we must be getting close.


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If you squint you could see that they were trying to implement some attacking tactics that they've been working on and they *almost came off, to be expected in their second preseason game maybe. For the first 15 minutes and a short spell in the second half we moved the ball about crisply albeit without end product.

You also have to take into account that Patterson hasn't played in several months, the back 4/5 has been mix and match going into last season, and Tarkowski (who upon rewatch had some responsibility for the second goal, he had wandered off) hasn't played with this group yet.

And that the MLS side is in mid-season form, and Heath has them well-drilled.

That turd dont polish that easily though.
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