Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread


Player Valuation: £70m

Andy Gray Diving Headers

Player Valuation: £500k
Admittedly I only saw the 'highlights' but each goal reminded me playing FIFA on the XBox with my boys. Either, I'm pushing the wrong buttons and no-one is moving (like the 2nd goal) or if I push the right buttons and have no control over what the players are actually doing (like the other goals).


Player Valuation: £950k
Pre season or not, results like that are embarrassing, even more so when the club know a concerted effort is needed to galvanise the squad and fans ahead of the season after last seasons monstrosity.

At least being relegated won't feel like so much of a shock to the system this year.

What I will say, from not watching it, is that we must remember that’s only our second 90 mins and they’re well on with their actual season.

With the goals:

- Penalty is a whatever. Can happen
- Patterson needs to stop that cross but Keane also needs to learn how to slide.
- 3rd is a bit unlucky. The Mykolenko deflection makes it awkward for Pickford to keep the save under control.
- couldn’t see the 4th as an add was in the way.
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