Everton Kids Shirt Prices

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Fortunately my 9 year old is happy enough with the cut-price kits at the end of the season. Isn't bothered with printing wither really. Good lad :D

The Cowboy

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Hope @GrandOldTeam doesn't mind me earwigging into their recent tweets but the price of the new shirt is out of order.

Not for me, or adults, but the price for kids shirts seems way out of whack. A selection of tweets:

Now I know not all people will want a shirt for themselves, but surely kids shirts should be mor reasonably priced.

And what makes it even worse is don't Kitbag get nearly all the money anyway?

Ha, I love that first quote 'I gotta buy...' get some nuts you sad sack, and man up to your kids!


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Granted we're not the worst in the league for ticket prices, but until those drop across the board, it's daft that a shirt can cost you 2-3 match tickets.

Shirts are an advert for the club (and part of what the sponsor's paying for), it's ridiculous that they cost more than the product they're advertising.


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£88 for my lad, he is 10. Not happening. Can get 3 full foreign kits at Sports direct for that.


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Its tough.. the club get [Poor language removed] all out of the kits due to that stupid deal with Kitbag.. so I'd like to boycott the kit.. but My little fella wants one, and I want him in one ! so its catch 22.
It's a shame - deflated by it.

Young lads/girls shouldn't be ever priced out of wearing their football teams shirt.

Football, and football clubs should ensure it doesn't happen.

Easier said than done, but there must be solutions/long term plan to get the prices to a reasonable level. Perhaps offer a replica, more affordable kids version, without the fancy material.

Barcelona do this and they are considerably cheaper, and they have a lot of their other non Nike stuff made by a company based in Stockport called Source Lab... which Everton already have stuff made by i.e. Poly Shirts.

I bought 1 for me last year that is a kind of training shirt and it was £11, I'd already bought the kids shirts that came to £99 with a name & number on.

I may have to 'look East' this year.


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.....seem to recall recently that folk couldn't purchase merchandise for kids, perhaps the club are looking to make up the monies. The pricing policy seems short-sighted, though, surely the reality is a kids shirt now means shirts for a life time.

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