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Stephen Gibson

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It seems to me at least that over the last few months our profile & general news & media coverage has grown significantly. During most weeks now we have a sizeable story whether it be good or bad for the club which the media keep running.
I suppose the new excitement of a billionaire owner & what comes with that make the news outlets sit up but it seems most things are making headline news now rather than 2 pages from the back or 5th story on SSN or talkSPORT like we have been used to for the last couple of decades.
The last 2 weeks have been amazing for our name being mentioned over & over. Obviously i would rather Lukaku signed his contract, Coleman's leg was the way nature intended, McCarthy realised he was still injured, O'Neill realised McCarthy was still injured, Funes Mori didn't get injured & Barkley signed his contract but all these bad things had the media talking about us.
Add on top the good things like the continued news of our ground move, the results on the pitch, the derby game, Big Stand FC moaning about us, Cleverly being sold & we get linked with a lot more players now too. We also have a Jim White flying our flag & a day dedicated to Everton on SSN.

Results will always be the key to growing our club but the more we are spoken about the better. If we are not being mentioned then it's because no-one really cares. I see a change.

Not open for further replies.
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