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Towards the end of today’s video I think Branthwaite is there talking to Brands? On the captions it has Branthwaite saying “I’m going!” - to which Brands replied “I’m sorry”, end of caption conversation and Brands leaves the gym!

Wonder what that’s all about?

What captions?


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What captions?
The one version I saw had “auto captions”, they were quite interesting - comments from players, the guys doing the tests etc, then the towards the end the exchange between Brands and who I thought was Branthwaite!

Here you go! Apologies for the quality of the pictures, screen shots of the Facebook version of the video!


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9 sugar lumps please, Gylfi

" By the way Carlo had already promised me the captain's armband for the next 3 yrs, and I was about to sign on a 100k pw deal till 2027...the contract's on your desk, let's just sort that out when I take you to dinner tonight"


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No, had a great start, hit a rough patch and lost his place then got back in and had season ended by injury.
All good learning experiences for an 18 year old

I read somewhere that he only performed when next to a certain partner. I can't remember the names of his CB partners at Blackburn, though. Typical, I know...

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m
Didn't Branthewaite stink the gaff out whilst on loan at Blackburn? NEA.

Not really, he was very mixed, started really well then struggled for a bit before coming back into a bit of form.

Blackburn was a bit of a mess at the time.

He did exactly as well as you would expect a kid with about 20 games in his career under his belt to do in the Championship.

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