Everton goal of the season

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I know there are a few more games to go but I thought I would start this off now after yesterday's Manc's obliteration (and stuff you Van Gaal)

For me, I will start and probably get shot down.

John Stones yesterday. this was a great goal and it has been a long tome since we had a goal scored in that manner. I hope some one can put a vid on. It was not just the goal, but the young man to score so well. He is still so young and already showing he is the CB of the future for us and England. He is going to be right up there idc as one of the finest CBs.

Well done John.

Ring master

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No doubt about it,Jagielka by a mile,injury time,half volley that can go anywere but goes right into the top corner,away to your local rivals,what more can you say,funny enough last season,we had so many goals of the season that MOTD could have used every one for the 10 for me lol


Yarmolenko ? Yes please
It was also the Kopite faces behind that ball when it nestled in the top corner of the net - pure magic! Any pictures of their sad faces to cheer me up!lol
There is actually a lad with his hands on his head as Jagielka is about to run onto the loose ball.

He probably had deja vu and knew where it was going.
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