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Hi guys, long term reader of your thoughts and comments but only the second time I've ever written in here. To give a little detail about my involvement with Everton, I live in Sydney but have supported the Toffees since seeing Duncan Ferguson play against United in the early noughties. I also used to write on an Everton blog called Evertonbanter. But i digress, I'm a Uni student in Bathurst and i'm about to start a digital media project on Everton's 2011-12 season, which will try and tell the season as a story, using only audio. The audio can be my own voice, other peoples, sound effects from games or commentary. I was wondering if you called all tell me some of the moments that stood out most for you. Not necessarily the best moments, but the bits that really stand out.
Thanks very much


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Both Fulham away and Swansea away where my highlights.
Fulham because when Zamora was in on goal, we had basically lost the game and was feeling so low. Then he puts it over, we go down the other end and bang in two. It was just so amazing!
Swansea because no one on the coach could be bothered with the game and everyone had an eye on Sunderland, but then we played some of the best football of the season and destroyed them.


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Pienaar vs Chelsea

Gibson vs City

Pienaar vs United

David Vaughan own goal Sunderland away FA Cup

Gerrard hat trick against us

QPR loss in first game of season

Gary Speed's death and tribute (RIP)

Carrol goal at Wembley.



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Sat in a room full Tottenham supporters watching the game in North London, £20 bet on Everton, Jelavic scored that goal which gave us a glimpse of what was to come.

Shock re: Gary Speed


The atmosphere just prior to the Villa game, just after losing Arteta.

Unknown sense of whether it was for the best or we were simply plain f*cked...half of the crowd clapping Kenwright when his face came up on the screen was just totally odd (and undeserved).

I guess if you could find any commentary soundbites from that game you'll get a good idea of the uncertainty we all felt around that time, would be good for the whole "out of adversity comes triumph" deal.
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