Everton 2-1 Sporting

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Toxteth, mate, I was expecting Everton to use and abuse on aerial ability today.

But when I looked at the line up, I knew both teams were similar in height.

Still, Cahill and Saha could have been far more dangerous in the air.

The goalie was never tested enough times.

I guess DM didn't study Sporting well enough.


What the hell was Sylvan Dustbin doing?? You wouldn't see that in pub football.

Moyesy wouldn't be signing these 3rd rate players if he had been given decent transfer funds by our excuse for a 'chairman'.

Time he did one and took his excuses and embarrassing soundbites with him.


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One last thought--
Everyone here seems to agree that we weren't at our best tonight.
But that's exactly the point.
Winning teams find a way to win even when they're not playing at their best.
And this was a game that we were locked to win from the beginning.


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And again, exactly.

On a roll here.

Seriously? Go reread what you just wrote there. Three points, a win, I don't care what you want to call it. For me, that's one heck of a lot more important than playing "beautiful football."

By that logic, we could play nice football all year long and find ourselves in the Championship the following year.

I understand where you're coming from in terms of wanting Everton to play free flowing football but sometimes (for us, a lot of the time) it's just not on.
Ofcourse, and I stand by it, performance is a very important thing for me. Alot of fans put short term results over the long term plan, in other words, what type of future we are heading for.

I want to see us playing a certain style of football, it's a must if we want to progress as a football club. And I wouldn't call it beautiful either, just basic stuff, Pass and make yourself available.


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An early goal next week and I'll forget all about the little incident at the end there tonight.

That said, im personally gonna put money on Moutinho having the game of his life at their place and putting them through. You just know its gonna happen now..


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We were so poor. Very annoying to see us going 2-0 up against a team who were shot to bits and then trying to sit on it for 40 minutes instead of killing the tie tonight.

They were absolutely worth a goal in the end, because we were shocking.


I thought we played well in patches, but rarely crap as some have suggested.

We've just beaten a team 2-1, and go to their place knowing we can score against them with ease, especially if Saha puts his glasses on.

We have a lot to be positive about.
We weren't at our best ...... and won. :)

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Although i may not be agreed with here as a lot of people do not like to see this type of football but i think we will easily go to lisbon and score next week if we play the long ball game. You could see from tonights game that they did not know what to do when the ball was placed up in the air and they did not seem to know what to do with cahill. We created two great opportunities in the first half straight from long balls to cahills head. I felt as though we got sucked into playing there short game and i although i do agree we can do this we would have been better playing to our strengths and their weaknesses.I I think cahill is key next week.


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We were so poor. Very annoying to see us going 2-0 up against a team who were shot to bits and then trying to sit on it for 40 minutes instead of killing the tie tonight.

They were absolutely worth a goal in the end, because we were shocking.

Just seen the highlights and the penalty is all Distin. Poor pass from Rodwell but Distin went and crapped on it. He didn't even get within 2 feet of the ball with his mauling tackle. FFS - you've got to be better.


First things first. The Mancs are coming this weekend. Get a result lads then start figuring what needs to be done in Lisbon.


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Why would you change the system with 30 odd minutes left and sit back to defend inspite of the fact that the yak was on? It was clear that we had sporting in our back pockets with Moutinho off. The approach in the end was negative for me and Distin should have swung his foot like he likes to do with power. It was a shocking piece of defending and he wouldn't have slipped had he intended to knock it long.

After when the striker was through, Howard was off his line to make the angle narrow, Distin was very close to the fellow and he could have made him be under pressure by just sticking as close to him as possible and try to block it when he takes a stride to shoot. It was a poor challenge in the end and deserved to be sent off.

It's even ball game and I hope we are not switched off in Lisbon and have just one of those nights. It'll be Senderos and Yobo at Cb. Yobo hasn't been real impressive and Senderos has alot to prove so we have to attack!


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has anyone watched the highlights on evertontv? i've gone to this seasons highlights but the latest game is chelsea, available from midnight my arse. i haven't seen anything yet i was in work thanx to uefa.
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