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Yer ma's favorite ITK. Mmmmmm Juicy.
If there is a thread for this, can a mod merge this into that?


Everton in the Community is one of the UK's top sporting charity's and firmly established on the world stage of community sports development. As the Blues' official charity it is considered one of the Premier League’s leading community schemes due to the quality and reach of its various programmes.

Since 1988 Everton in the Community has been at the forefront of social intervention across Merseyside, not afraid to tackle issues which others shied away from.

Through its 120 dedicated full-time staff, 72 casual staff and 144 volunteers, the charity offers 60 programmes covering a range of social issues including health, employability, anti-social behaviour, crime, education, dementia, poverty, youth engagement, youth justice and disability.

Operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Everton in the Community supports the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of local communities and charity aims to instil confidence in others by creating life-changing opportunities. Thousands of people have already benefited from the magnificent work they do.

The charity's work is vast and includes providing routes into education, training and employment, steering young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour and engaging children and adults, regardless of ability, in physical activity. In addition to helping individuals, Everton in the Community helps other charitable groups improve the lives of local people.

The Blues’ official charity is proud of its impressive achievements which include:

  • Supporting 2,000 local charities a year
  • Contributing to a 65% reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 79% reduction in crime in challenging areas across Merseyside
  • 100% success rate on all education programmes
  • Assisting almost 50% of participants on the employment programme to return to work
  • 14 disability teams
Everton’s community department has scooped a whole host of prestigious regional, national and international awards, beating off stiff competition from other big name brands and charities along the way.

Since 2010, the Club's official charity has claimed over 80 accolades, which include the 'Community Club of the Year' award for the last four years at the Northwest Football Awards.

Success on the continent has also been forthcoming, as displayed in 2011 when Everton in the Community was named 'Best Community Scheme in Europe' at the StadiumBusiness Awards and was recently awarded an 'Outstanding Achievement Award' at the 2014 StadiumBusiness Awards.

None of this fantastic and life-changing work would be possible without the kindness shown by our loyal supporters. Everton in the Community relies heavily on donations and fundraising to be able to deliver their vital programmes to improve the lives of vulnerable and underprivileged people across Merseyside.


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It does fine work, but EitC are 'a separate, self-financing organisation' from EFC.

The way that the officers and certain owners of the club try and geg in on it is pathetic. A reflected glow they look for in the absence of making the football club first class.
Yes Davek a seperate entity from the club but still something to be very proud of,they deserve every bit of credit and praise they get
It does fine work, but EitC are 'a separate, self-financing organisation' from EFC.

The way that the officers and certain owners of the club try and geg in on it is pathetic. A reflected glow they look for in the absence of making the football club first class.



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Difficult to argue with this.

Nevertheless I remain proud that our name is associated with the work that they do.
Oh yeah. Defo.

Even those money grabbing, neighbourhood wrecking turds over there had to start their own community project in the end as it was so obvious they were left behind by an initiative set in motion by us.


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It's sad how EITC have more money than the club.

Do you reckon they'll buy us a stadium if Bill promises to do a few hours in a soup kitchen with a week with a EITC t shirt on?

The Esk

Player Valuation: £70m
Is Robert Elstone on the board for EITC?

EiTC is a registered charity and as such has a Board of Trustees:

  • Sir John Jones – Chair of the Board of Trustees.
  • Dr. Paula Grey- Trustee for Health and Wellbeing and former Director of Public Health of Liverpool NHS Primary Care Trust.
  • Mr. Robert Elstone - Trustee for Community and Business Development and Chief Executive of Everton Football Club.
  • Prof. Patricia Shenton OBE – Trustee for Sport Development and Director of Academies, Trust and Special Schools on behalf of John Moores University.
  • Prof. William Chambers – Trustee for Employer Engagement, Education and training and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Liverpool Hope University.
  • Inspector Colin Lewis – Trustee for Social Inclusion and Inspector with Merseyside Police.
  • Richard Kenyon - Trustee for Marketing, Media and Communications of Everton Football Club.
  • Everton in the Community is also delighted to have the support of Everton legend Graeme Sharp in his role as Fan Ambassador.
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