Duncan Ferguson Moving On


Player Valuation: £50m
One dimensional, the bloke has managed a few games. He has coached every age range throughout the academy and has the highest qualification in coaching, that take years to obtain. Frank made multiple mistakes last season, but deserves time to develop his ideas and implement them over a period of time. Dunc would also deserve this before being judged.

Every game was utterly atrocious mate.

The crowd carried him over the line against Chelsea. Arsenal, Leicester, Villa we’re terrible.

We sat with 11 men behind the ball against Man United.

He had 4-4-2 in his locker and a big hoof forward. He literally had no comeback to Gerrard in January.

Tactically he’s been exactly how I’ve described, one dimensional. It’s not saying he won’t make a good manager, but he needed to go and cut his teeth as soon as Ancelotti left.

You’d have thought after 4-5 managers he’d have developed something, it wasn’t there.


Player Valuation: £40m
Rooney incoming perchance?
To coach the inexperience we have up front like Simms, Dobbin, Gordon and whichever relatively fresh Richie-replacement we bring in like Dennis or Borja?
Stranger things happen.

cahill 17

Player Valuation: £750k
the bobbles saying anthony barry will stay at chelsea,if he does i think we'll need another coach especially one thats good with set pieces
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