2022/23 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Noisy noise annoys

Player Valuation: £40m
Yes because of your condescending attitude, nothing to do with Dominic Calvert-Lewin. So rather than tag people who actually have said stuff, you get more concerned about an unsure emoji wtaf lol

I've give you a finger now, what will you presume from that lol
Ill take that, all day.
The "he's finished" shouts were pathetic!

I wasn't concerned btw, just curious.


I panda to nobody
I saw this guy working at Doms gaff today, looks worrying.


Player Valuation: £10m
Wouldn't be surprised if he is again missing out altogether on Saturday. Was not seen in last week's training video and it was mentioned he had small issue. So hasn't done much training with the squad I guess. We go with what we got ( Rondon as back up ) lol


Player Valuation: £25m
Bit unfair to include Niasse, whatever his shortcomings as a player he always gave it a hundred percent.

With Niasse I meant even when he wasn't playing, it wasn't his fault always - it was just a mismatch and the managers didn't rate him. I agree he always gave his best with limited talent.
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