Do we need a new LB?.

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Saint Domingo

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I liked him but not sure he's recovered from the leg break.

Never got given a chance to regain that form. People talk about Barkley or whoever getting hounded by fans but at least they've played. Oviedo was often judged badly simply for not being Leighton Baines. He'd come in, have a decent game, but if we lost he seemed to be scapegoated and was dropped next time Baines was half fit.

Canuck Darryl

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We're going to playing a lot of games next season. Every one of the starting 11 is going to have to be rested occasionally. We have decent cover at every position but RB. Even journeyman cover is better than no cover at all. I sure don't want to see Barry back there again.

Paul E

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Maybe they believe Funes Mori is the cover? I would obviously disagree with that as he's pretty awful with the ball at his feet but Koeman has played him there on more than one occasion.


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people were raving about Garbutt after watching with their own eyes ! seemed to have changed their mind after a manager at another club didnt rate him ! like a complete opposite to Niasse ! also Antonee Robinson if he can stay fit is a hell of a player and quick as lightning !

...Robinson goes under the radar a bit but I think you are right and perhaps the management team like him. He's had his share of injuries but he always impresses. The only doubt I have is that I've not seen him around the first team and as far as I can recall he never went on the mid-season break to Dubai.

Garbutt hits a fantastic dead ball and for that reason alone I thought he would be in demand but he has stagnated for the past couple of seasons.


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The golden rule in a top top football is no player should be comfortable that he has no competition for his place. Baines is on the way down and even though wouldnt be my primary concern in the team he would be a player that isnt anywhere near the player he used to be. So therefore ye we need a new left back that can challange fir that position not just cover. But rome wasnt built in a day so its better to bring in quality say maybe next summer. Baines is a blue and deserves total respect though.
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