Do we need a new LB?.

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Verbal Kint

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Kolinasic would have been really nice so we are looking. Baines can still do it. But not at his peak levels obviously.


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We need a young deputy now that can take over from Baines when the time is right. Tierney at Celtic would be my choice, he even deputises at right back for Scotland sometimes which could prove useful for us and negate the need for Martina as cover for Kenny.


We need a backup left back for sure. Or one for rotating even, given the amount of games we have.

But Baines is far from past it.


Player Valuation: £15m
I raised the issue yesterday, it's definitely our weakest position now with Garbutt and Galloway going on loan, we still have Connolly but I don't think he's ready yet and like Holgate he's more a natural CB than WB/FB so hopefully we have somebody lined up, I can't see us getting rid of all but 1 of our LBs if we don't have a contingency plan in place to pick somebody up as backup or potential long term replacement.

Ideally we'll be getting someone in who can act as backup in the short term but has the potential to replace in the long term.

I wonder if Luke Shaw has mended his bridge with Mourihnio he'd be a decent buy for us if he's available

What if we're selling Lukaku to UTD in exchange for Rooney, Shaw and some cash ?


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Yes defiantly. Garbutt is second choice and is not cut at this level. Ideally we need to sign one that's better than baines to demote him to second choice as he isn't getting any younger and would struggle to play twice a week


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Yes.Maybe he will go for someone who can play at centre back and left back?,I think it will be a Walsh gem.


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people were raving about Garbutt after watching with their own eyes ! seemed to have changed their mind after a manager at another club didnt rate him ! like a complete opposite to Niasse ! also Antonee Robinson if he can stay fit is a hell of a player and quick as lightning !


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Had a little chat with a Sunderland site about Galloway today and I reckon the club must have something in the plan. Definitely need another defender who can play on that side, what's the deal with that lad from Southampton? Can he play LB?
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