Transfer Rumour Denzel Dumfries


Player Valuation: £750k
I do like how it's pretty obvious we've got tight purse strings unless we sell but the moment it's brought up by anyone of any stature in the media we all kick-off.

You reap what you sow when you routinely buy dirge from 'big' clubs who won't drop their wages.


Player Valuation: £950k
insurance could cover that, although the reasons could easily void the insurance.
I’ve thought about that too would there be an option for the club to sue individually for breach of contract as I assume something like that is stated to not jeopardise the clubs reputation. Also in fairness people are over thinking how quickly something like this would be done, I don’t imagine anything would come of it for almost 12 months all in all when you look at similar cases.


Player Valuation: £150k
Apparently PSV will take around £12-13mill for him I’ve seen in one article today. Could be nonsense but surely we can afford that. If someone else get him for that we’ve missed out


Player Valuation: £20m
Dumfries had a great tournament but none of the big clubs need a right back or have money to spend. The only link was Inter and they seem to going for Bellerin.

We are in a great position because we are a step up from Dutch football and we need to fill this position.

PSV know this and obviously want the best value for their player.

I would say we are still negotiating the value and terms of the deal - for example £15m over 3 installments but PSV want £15m plus bonuses over 2 installments.


Player Valuation: £70m
One of the everton fan youtube sites has an interview with a Dutch chap on it about Dumfries.

I watched about 30% of it after nodding in agreement when the Dutchman said he was average last season.

He also highlighted Dumfries lack of technical ability and marvelled how well he had done since turning pro at 18...

I hope the rumours are true that weve switched targets...

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