Confirmed Signing Demarai Gray


Player Valuation: £70m
Stats don’t tell the full story.

They might on a computer game’s mathematical algorithm but this is real life, that’s all I’m saying.

Townsend has played in top flight football for pretty much a decade now. People have seen a lot of him so he's not an unknown player. He's another attacking player who doesn't put the ball in the back of the net. I'm starting to think signing forwards who can't score might not be the best strategy.


Player Valuation: £35m
I think the positive with these players is that number 1 they both have pace. As a squad we have lacked pace through the side and these 2 certainly have that. 2nd they both have premier league experience, so should make slotting in that much easier and 3rd really for Townsend is that he has worked with the manager before, so knows what will be asked of him. 4th has got to be that in term of cost its very low risk, as we need 5 players in, getting these 2 and Begovic for a total £1.5m hopefully gives us more money to spend elsewhere.

I think if these two are coming in, this will probably mean Bernard will be leaving as Grays main position is LW, though he can play RW. I think this could also mean Sigurdsson could be going, he had a talk with DC united from the MLS last year and the impression at the time was that he would do 1 more year in the Prem and then go. I could see that happening with these two coming in because we have James to play number 10, then we have Townsend who has played RW and number 10 and Iwobi the same.


Player Valuation: £15m
I do agree with this, the way you get better is to buy significantly superior players, but it’s very much easier said than done. And on recent evidence, there is certainly no correlation between expense and quality. Spending lots has just made us worse, in fact.
This. I love how some are full of “why are we buying more dross, save it to spend on quality” etc etc. In our heads we’re still a top team. In reality, we’re not I’m afraid. Just who are these “quality” players who are going to come to a mid table team without European football? “Money” I hear you say......but these players are already millionaires, trophies is what they crave.

Blue 1

Player Valuation: £70m
Better than Bernard and Iwob and certainly won't cost as much. Suppose that's not saying a lot, I've never really rated Townsend, but at least he can run faster than a slug. Gray I always thought had tonnes of potential at Leicester.

Looks like we're cutting our cloth accordingly *shrugs*


Transfer Window Time Keeper
Only shrewd business if they deliver on the pitch, right at this moment they are just hugely uninspiring signings. If they stink the gaff out and we struggle to shift them, then they haven't been shrewd signings at all, they have been a disaster. Given both of their records, I'm inclined to lean towards the latter.

I’d never have 1.7m outlay on short term deals down as a disaster, no matter the outcome. But hey I must not be in the mood to fume this Summer as of yet.


Player Valuation: £70m
I love how Moyesish these signings are. Makes me remember a time when I didn't hate Everton.

Imagine if this forum on the day we signed Nigel Martyn, Kevin Kilbane, James McFadden and Francis Jeffers.

I distinctly remember a lot of the Wright-haters loving the idea of having someone stable between the sticks.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
For all the Joyce/Romano stuff Gray is still only in the very early stages. He is still training with Leverkusen. Palace are still in for him. Hopefully their confidence is justified as he would represent low risk affordable squad depth at a position of huge need.

Townsend is a Benitez favourite who does his defensive work dutifully and is tactically disciplined. He is the kind of player Benitez likes as he is a very sound professional.

Both proposed deal structures seem smart (2+1 and 1+1 respectively). If this indicates we are moving away from splashing huge deals on over-hyped and under-motivated players then it might be simultaneously under-whelming and reassuring.

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