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Evertons attempts to keep possession. It's really bad. Back to pickford who has to kick it out as no one wants it. Holgate strutting around like he is a talented lad🤣🤣. Yet cant pass a ball forward on the ground.


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Wow why are we surprised our football under Rafael is shocking cant be down to players all the time even though they are [Poor language removed], its rafas tactics no wonder digne had a go ,
Worst team ive seen in 50years of being a blue


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That's exactly it.

It'd be nice if the moaning idiots on here just accepted we have a bunch of talentless cowards on the pitch instead of the he predictable agenda against a manager.

It harms the club tremendously because the blame and attention isn't on where it needs to be.

We're behind because Coleman and Delph are on the pitch when they 100% should not be.

Not Benitez’s biggest fan but 100% no manager is getting anything out of this team. They can’t even string a few passes together without panicking. Tho whole squad needs a reset. It’s a huge job whoever is in charge the next few years.


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They down tools. They have for years. How haven't you learned this already, it honestly boggles my mind. Five managers over five years these bunch of tits have done this for and you all still don't see it.
Sorry friend, but I just don't subscribe to the philosophy that the issue is always how hard we try.

There are gaps in the talent in the team and there are issues with how the team sets up.


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Why even mention the set up then, if shape or formation has no impact on the outcome.

Don’t think it’s an either / or.

The squad is abysmal and the manager has no idea how to get the team playing.

No it's a case of no manager AT ALL would be able to do anything different. All the setup proved for me was Benitez was feeling the pressure.

But I said after the Arsenal result that we were still likely to be done by Palace, because I know the score with these cowards.
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