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2019/20 Cenk Tosun

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Spot on he is so slow but he can finish.... but how many chances will he get ATM ? when the teams new players settle in I expect Keen and DCL to start scoring - Tosun is enjoying his wages his Dad says so.......
I suspect he only made the bench at the weekend due to a thin squad. You’d think there’ll be no room in the squad for him now.


Appears to be on his way out.

Terrible signing that should never have been allowed to happen!
said at the time of buying him, that a 4.5 year contract was way way way over the top. 2 years max . that should be the norm for all un tried players coming in, not huge contracts and wages when they haven't even kicked a ball in this country before.


(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
Appears to be on his way out.

Terrible signing that should never have been allowed to happen!
He wasn't a terrible signing, He's a decent player just will never work in this league at all due to how slow he is.
He had his little Jelavic period when we signed him and scored like 5 in 8 or something.
I wish he would leave though he's never gonna feature in Silva's plans.
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