2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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I don't have any issue with Carlo's comments. All true except for the last bit: sorry, Carlo: 10th was failure.

Had he stayed, it could have been rationalised as a baseline, a starting point, a launchpad. But after 18 months he made it to the dizzy heights of 10th and left. That's a failure by any standards. He fell upwards.

The job at Real is different, of course. Carlo knows he'll be out on his ear after two seasons max, collateral damage in the next presidential election.


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I’m not sure - if we’d started next season like we just ended this one, with crowds back the pressure would have begun to grow. And it’s not as if the football’s been entertaining. I can take losing if we have a go, or being dull while winning. But Ancelloti had produced a team that was both dull and unsuccessful- not a combination we’d put up with for long.

After Christmas who performed beyond expectations? Godfrey, maybe. After him, no one. No one. Our best player didn’t seem to be arsed about turning up to play - James never looked happier than when he was on that private jet flying away from Goodison. Fatigued? FFS. Richarlison, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Digne and others - all good players who just looked miserable and out of form, or injured. Something was fundamentally wrong under Ancelloti and we were too busy being blinded by his elite status and charm to notice. Now he’s gone and we’ve probably saved a fair few quid in compensation in November. And now I’ve had a chance to think about it, I think we’ll come to see it’s a good thing.
super post.

clearly evident he could not get our rabble up for routine matches for months.

Same in all his last jobs.

Yesterday's man.

Saved a fortune on firing him and his entourage.

LOL @ Real Madrid.

El Cholo will be going in dry next year


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Forget him. He took us no where. Just because of who he is
and his past achievements a lot of fans were prepared to back him and give him time. Glad he went soul destroying at times watching us.Any body else serving up the standard of football we have endured especially 2nd half of the season we would have wanted out called for a sacking. It was let them have the ball we defend win the ball give to richy to run with hope hes fouled hope we get a set piece to score from. Or we managed to create a few chances so we nick a goal. After scoring we defend more. If the plan backfired and they score first we were doomed. I think our squad is a mess but theyre better than the crap set up and instructions that carlo gave them. It was as bad as watching walter smiths oap brigade.


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Has there been any comment / social media posts from any players yet? The Silva ones were out same day, weren’t they? I note Allan liked his first official Real Madrid photos on his Instagram.


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It's true that life comes at you fast. Carlo has gone from a well respected classy operator with a load of us looking forward to seeing who he wants brining in during the summer to a fat Italian panty sniffer who had us all utterly blagged in the space of just 48 hours.

Sharpies volley

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How different are all these people as coaches. I mean they all go to similar coaching schools to learn their trade don't they. How much can you actually coach a player or a team. I'm sure there are a few of them with innovative ideas but how different is it. Basic defending. Either zonal or man to man. Closing teams down high up the pitch or sitting back and waiting for them to come on to you. Getting the ball wide or going through the channels. What it all boils down to is how good a motivator the manager is. That's the difference. Making average players into believing they're good and making good players into believing they are great. The great managers all seem to have been great motivators. Stein, Busby, Shankly, Clough, Howard was a great motivator, players wanted to run through walls for him, Alex Ferguson another one. Dare I say it, Klipperty gets the best out of players. We need a great coach but we also need him to be a great motivator


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Has there been any comment / social media posts from any players yet? The Silva ones were out same day, weren’t they? I note Allan liked his first official Real Madrid photos on his Instagram.
The bulk of the players will be focusing on the international games, I’d imagine there would have been an interesting convo between JP, Ben and Dom before training yesterday
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