2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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stevie blott

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This is the only club he’s burned bridges with and left. It’s arguable if he ‘left’ PSG, he lost the trust of the board anyway, but Everton and the fans wanted him to stay, and he's left.

The club should probably have a good hard look at itself as well honestly. Embarrassing from top to bottom. Ancelotti leaving says a lot about the state of the club.
It says a lot about him


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I am sure someone has already said this, but I feel it's my only chance to spew my bile.

Unexpected opportunity arose, WTF. If it was unexpected than it just tells us that he was just using as a someone to while the time while other opportunities arose. I am surprised though, Zidane left last week, and within a week Ancelotti gets a call and he agrees and everything is finalized at a snap. WTF. It feels really, really, really insulting the way he has left. I mean it says to me, "yeah, you guys are good ones but you know just not good enough for the likes of me. That rich broad just snooked her fingers at me, so I am off to her. See ya around or not..."

It leaves a taste of WTF in my mouth, that will take a lot of time to get off.


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I decided to leave as I have a new challenge with a team that was always in my heart, Real Madrid.

Possibly the lamest leaving statement I have ever seen.

Absolutely stinks of "What can I say here, I've got nothing really have I, er ... challenge is always good ... in my heart? ... okay, and then the name of the new club, nice, okay".


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Exactly this for me.

People focus too much on what he did before he got here, which is irrelevant really. He was nothing more than average for us.

But we are going to have the same issues. Think people are forgetting today, our squad is still gash.

Blue Neon

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Football is dead really, today is just another example of how cynical the game has gone, don’t waste your time on articles from managers or players on how much they love it here and the exciting project in the future, all smiling self interested assassins.

Awful time for this to happen. Loads of clubs looking for new managers.

Poch would be my first choice and was free for ages, we won’t get him now.

I’d honestly go and get Moyes, if he’d come which I don’t think he will.
Yeh! And tell him to bring Lingard and Declan Rice with him.


Player Valuation: £1m
Not sure on what the terms of his conract were but if he has left before his contract expired shouldnt he be made to repay the club te mney he earned un der the terms of his contract I f he had been sacked we would have had to pay up the remainder of his conrract


I'll take down dat coal powered MG, I tel u Hwat
This is a very weird place to plant a flag on.

I mean you got me on what? I'm surprised Madrid wanted him (and still don't really get it) and don't care that he's left here because he was complete crap as our manager. But he won the CL in 2003 so we have to worship him or something.
Shhhat aaaappp. You told me no top club would want him and I disagreed we went back and forth for 3 pages with me arguing many clubs would and here we are. Madrid in for him. Take that flag pole and stick it up your anus.

'I'm STUNNED yet not arsed' - oil douche


Player Valuation: £70m
lol What are we going to say ‘no carlo. You CANNOT join real Madrid. We expect you to come here tomorrow at 9, as arranged, to teach Mr Iwobi his football lessons’

Nope but I hope we inserted a clause where he's.got to buy all our turds and give us 100m for them

Madrid side for next season



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