2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £6m
Can’t believe people are that surprised that he’s jumped ship to Real Madrid

The lad played 5 at the back against crap sides and was more negative than fat Sam. He made the strangest squad selections and substitutions at times.

I never saw an iota of passion from him during the matches. The only time I remember him showing any passion was when he got sent off against Man Utd. The game against Sheffield United was embarrassing with big dunc constantly in Carlo’s ear telling him what was going wrong and that he had to change the system.

Man needed fans in order to win games at home. He couldn’t manage a squad collectively worth 500 + mil to one single victory at home without fans.

Much rather have a young hungry passionate manager in charge of us that has eyes and can clearly see that sigurdsson and Gomes need shipping off than some old hippy living off his former glory days and would rather put two goalkeepers on the bench than give our youth players a chance.
Largely concur with that. He was a great manger, especially when managing great players, but he looks past it. Been saying that for quite a while now so it’s not just because he’s jumped ship.


Player Valuation: £8m
This may irk some but it seems to me a huge part of Carlo's draw was the credibility. Probably not a long term solution, but having a manager like him makes the club more attractive to players and to future managers (if he were here long enough). I expect some will argue the club needs no added credibility, and I understand that view. Admittedly I'm a more recent supporter and outsider - but from a worldwide vantage point his arrival ushered in a new level of respect I hadn't seen under the previous five.

It appeared to me (same caveats as above) a culture shift was needed and turning it over to someone like Ancelotti made a lot of sense. I hope whoever the club turns to next will have and exert authority to reshape things.
I can't believe people are that bothered! If any other manager had been allowed to sign the players he did and serve up the dross he did they would have been uproar on here.

I don't know if it's the raging bank holiday hangover i'm dealing with, the fact we haven't been able to go to the game or my general displeasure at watching us in the past 6 months but i'm honestly not that arsed right now.

Not open for further replies.
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