2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Egil Olsen

Player Valuation: £5m
I think a lot of this is down to communication from the club who suggest grandiose transfer plans, sign the World Class manager, then continue to behave like a mid-table club in every way that matters.

If the communication was re-aligned with the behaviour, the discontent would not be so widespread.

Ideally that would mean we start behaving like a top club. But if the ideology was more modest. If Moshiri announced a reshaping of the club structure and set in motion a 5 year plan to get Everton into the Champions League, it would be less divisive.

So many fans understandably want the quick fix.
Agree. Your opinions are usually wise. Brands' strategy was to get rid of a number of expensive players, give players from the academy the opportunity, and preferably invest large sums in players between 20-26 years. In theory, this sounds great. But the problem is when the owners clearly communicate that the club has big ambitions externally - in a short time - and they have no common thread in what type of manager they hire.

In addition, they hire Ancelotti - as a sign of great ambition (while not having the money / opportunity to support this) - and who everyone knows prefers experienced players.

I think the club must now first agree on the ambitions and how they will get there. Then they have to spend a lot of time finding the right type of manager. If they still think CL is realistic, then they have to support it with money. Something I myself do not think is realistic - at least not in the near future. I think it is wiser to think more long-term, as you yourself mention.

Dr Baxter

Player Valuation: £2.5m
Get a grip, it’s footy. It’s been the same since the game became professional.

The big dogs take the best for themselves (players, managers, staff, everything) whenever they fancy it and the rest make do.

He owes us nothing.
But this is different. He went out of his way and was at pains to say he wouldn't do this. Recently and emphatically. He's in his 60's and going back somewhere he has already been and got sacked in any case despite winning Big Ears. If he goes he's a t**t. I'd love to get Real Madrid at home to open the BMD dock and he was in their dug out.

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