2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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I'll believe it when I see it mate, tbh. I've seen no evidence of a plan in the last three years.

Me too.

But based on the run in and the interviews he's done where he's reiterated the goal of European football and how the squad has let him down (quality and mentally), I think he made is mind up for next season.

Win 2 home games, one against the worst side in the league, would've had us on 62 points, highest total since 2014.

They couldn't do it.


Player Valuation: £40m
Sounds to me that hes saying:

1: We can defend using a deep defence but he wants to play a higher line.

That means we need to sell Keane and Mina and buy a different type of centre back + a right back.

2: Hes saying we'll definitely be better next season and talking about signing players....add that to his previous comments about FFP and i wonder if we'll do something pretty big.

On the fitness / pressing which of those players do you think mentally would be pressing the ball and charging around all game...aside from a handful i dont think alot of them are physically able to show some stamina.

I think Brands has had 3 years now and it should be blatently obvious to anyone about the type of players who are doing well and taken to by the fans and the ones he needs to move on.

I think 3 years means continuity and it will be a good thing if hes finally clicked what we need.

Purely hypothetically lets say that instead of Iwobi and Kean we had Bailey and Diaby this season. Also that Gbamin would have been fit and played consistently 6 or 7 out of 10.

Just those 3 things there which arent a huge stretch of the imagination and we'd possibly not be far off top 4 playing the exact same way but with a DM, width and pace/cutting edge.

As we dont have that, we now not only need those 2 wide players and a DM but also a RB and a CB.

Fine margins.

Brands bought Kean, Iwobi, Mina, Bernard and Gomes...lets see what fees he can get for them.
Moshiri bought Iwobi, Brands didn’t want him

Egil Olsen

Player Valuation: £5m
They also been there 5 years, Carlo had 1 full season
That is a valid point. Except that with both Guerdiola and Bielsa you immediately saw a change in style - they just had to perfect it with the right player types. Ancelotti has had 1.5 seasons, and apart from JR switching the play over to Digne, it is difficult to see any development. To me, that is not a positive sign.


Player Valuation: £40m
I agree to a point. But there’s not many left from the Martinez era to blame. He brought 4 of his main targets to the club at considerable expense last summer. We’ve had 2 quarter finals in the cups and improved 3 places in the league. Others will decide if that is acceptable, after our start I’d say no.
Besic and Bolasie wages have crippled Everton for years


Player Valuation: £80m
He needs reminding what we expect.

That's not the culture he's walked into though.

He gets half a dozen decent results and he sees banners on the terraces with CARLO FANTASTICO on it and must think he's done his job getting us sniffing the Euro spots.


Player Valuation: £8m
No, in the league he has performed below expectations, and has never managed to create any stability. Except for Milan, but here he only won the league once in 8 attempts.
He won't be creating any stability at Everton if the likes of you have your way. To be fair, he's already created stability at Everton. Of the 11 players who started Marco Silva's last match in charge, the 5-2 hammering at Anfield, 10 featured in today's 5-0 hammering. 8 started and 2 came off the bench. How's that for stability?

Same old players who failed Silva are at it again. The problem is staring the club in the face.


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As horrible as that match was, I could’ve somewhat stomached it if we had at least won some of those awful awful home games. Some of these problems run far too deep


Player Valuation: £70m
Show that to the board members who have yet to give him their full support in a transfer window.

If you go out and hire a top manager who has a reputation for walking into teams with top players and doing a bit of tinkering with big budgets then you have to compliment that.

If you hire him give him players like Iwobi, Gomes, Holgate, Sigurdsson, Davies, Delph, Keane, Mina, King etc... and expect him to perform miracles and build a young up and coming team for the future and give him a shoe string budget and expect him to have us CL contenders within two seasons then it was a thoughtless and incompetent appointment.
Er, mate?

He's had one full, summer window. We spent £60m on three players, got James on a free and signed a back-up GK.

If he wanted a better player than King in January, why not demand one? Why is Brands so adverse to doing business in there?

The players you list there were all part of a team, bar King, who did play better football than we have been served up this season. Nobody expected miracles, but we expect better than the dross we've got and the second half of the season has been horrendous. Ludicrously bad football with no plan or idea behind it.

We need to give him backing next window, yes, but it's not like the club hasn't spent money while he's been here. The signings improved us, in the end, two places. Now I think, if you're bringing in Allan, Doucoure, James, Godfrey etc, then we should expect more than a two-place rise.

Our issues aren't because of a lack of backing at all. It's been too much backing of the wrong people, Brands included I think, but we'll see if he can turn that around, and now we haven't got a lot of wiggle room with FFP and the impact of the pandemic - though that's the same for all clubs.

We could still expect our players to be able to pass to each other and look like they've worked on basic things in training, couldn't we?
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