Can we challenge for promotion next season?

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Over the past few years we have beaten Championship teams pretty regularly, so I'd give us a decent chance. However we would lose a fair few players, and would need to sign the right players to get us up, and I'm not sure I trust us to get that part right.


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I think getting rid of this squad will actually be really cathartic.

I hope we manage to unload the majority of the squad.

I doubt we’d come up to be honest. Championship is a mess of a league with so many games to play and our squad would be all over the shop.

You’d think Pickford, richarlison, grey , Dominic Calvert-Lewin , Mina , Godfrey would make decent money, then hope we could convince Gordon to stay.

Just get the rest off the wage book.


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This group of players with ANY expectation on them to win a game?

Players sat in the training ground with Sky Sports News on before start of next season:

"... and it's Everton who go into the new campaign as hot favourites to go straight back up"

*Lampard bolts for the remote to switch channels as quickly as possible*


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I don't think people understand just how screwed we will be. Points deductions either way almost guaranteed, around £400m in liabilities. Having a club at all depends on Moshiri eating losses of almost all that. If he can't or won't then out of business.
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