Match Thread Brentford v Everton. Sun 28th November. 2pm

Everton Man Of The Match

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Player Valuation: £20m
Officially the 3rd worse attack in the city


Allardyce Out
…his part in the lead up to the chance Doucoure got back to stop a certain goal says everything you need to know about Keane.

Still very much in this game although they look more of a threat in the top third than us. They are not very good.

Only hope is they sit off and try to protect the lead.

If they do, they're stupid - we're there to be put to the sword. We can't get up the pitch, why they'd let us is beyond me.

I can't see where a goal is coming from.


Player Valuation: £1m
Sadly it's a result of the way he's been asked to play these days

Sorry, there's only so much you can blame that. When he gets beaten to a 50/50 there's no drive to win the ball back. He doesn't put himself on the line for headers. He's not arsed and he's been like that for a while now, last season included.

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