Match Thread Brentford v Everton. Sun 28th November. 2pm

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Regardless of penalties, the reality is that not one Everton player would get more than a 5 out of 10 in that first half and that is the reason we aren't and haven't been winning football matches.

Saint Domingo

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I have also said it’s not a foul anywhere on the pitch, if a player wants to bend over and head a ball, when he should be using he knee or his foot then that’s his fault.

The exact same happened in the other box. Both players went for the ball with their feet, Brentford player puts his studs on Allan. Why is that not a pen, but if Allan was stupid enough to duck his head down there it would be?


Player Valuation: £35m
Good riddance

- I win 6 grand when Everton drop
- We get to watch local players who give one
- No derbies or "expected defeats"

Bring on Colchester away! I've heard their pies are fab
Be nice to watch us win a few games. It may also cause Brands to be sacked and Kenwright to be flushed


Allardyce Out
I still maintain this isn't Benitez's fault. He doesn't have the tools to work with.

However, the fact we all know that same team is trudging out the tunnel second half is on him.

I think he'd achieve more with a better team and not many managers would do better, but I'm fairly sure I'd have picked a better side than him today and I'd be making better changes today, and I'm obviously not a world class football manager. So he deserves criticism.

WA Toffee

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Yes, that first one isn’t a pen. He’s stopped right into it and Townsend only has eyes on the ball. If that’s a pen then no one can kick a football anywhere on the pitch for fear someone puts their head in the way.
If it was the other way round we would be wanting it (we probably wouldn't get it of course). He kicked him in the head, his foot was shoulder height, it's a foul.
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