Match Thread Brentford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and 3-day MotM Poll

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Thought after 20 minutes it was going to be another Brighton.

Probably will be Brentford's worst 45 minutes all season and still not winning. They won't be as bad as that second half.

Love Beto's runs across the defender but poor finish when it was a dink over the keeper.

I defend him most games but Gana been chronic, two awful giveways that could've resulted in goals and then shoots wildly from 25 yards when there were 3 players either side of him.

Garner will still probably get subbed before him....

To make this a win rather than a draw or loss, Dyche has to be "brave" (I thought it was just doing his job like), and make a couple of changes. This is a win
if we want it.
Nothing really going our way. Think everyone has had a decent game, only Gueye looks prone to a mistake. As a DM, though, his mistakes cost a premium. Be tempted to hook him at HT.

Otherwise would change nothing. We'll do these

Gana giving the ball away too often - agree with others get Danjuma on as his replacement.

Frustrating the luck we have; we hit the bar and 30 seconds later they score with their first attempt (and of course VAR teases that it might be offside - but no).

Should be three up by now.