Bradley Lowery

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Life is just awful sometimes, his life and strength touched so many, we should never really ever moan. Thoughts are with his family and all those who closely grieve, he will be remembered wherever blue is worn.

Rest in peace little big man.


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I have 3 grown up kids of whom I'm immensely proud. I doubt I could have coped a fraction as well as the wonderful family that little Bradley had. Such love bestowed with such dignity in just horrible circumstances.

I look back and wonder did I appreciate my kids as much as I should have when they grew up? Did I spend enough time with them? I am so fortunate but it takes stories like this to fully appreciate how lucky I have been.

He is without pain now and has left a legacy (and boy not just that smile) and has touched so many people and perhaps made some of us reassess, even if only for a moment, what is important in life.

Bless him. Bless his family. RiP.


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RIP little Man!

Heartbreaking news! Thoughts to his family, can't imagine the heart break!

Showed us all life is for living, and he did it with a smile on his face.


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I didn't want to open this thread because I worried this brave young man would have passed away and now I've read it all I can say is good bye to a wonderful youngster who had the ability to raise a smile not just on his own face but on the face of many others. May his legacy be a reminder that football can bring people together and show that people actually do care and feel for each other, the world is a hard and cruel place as his passing and suffering shows but its people at their core hold each other with care and compassion.

My thoughts and prayers go to his friends his family and all those touched by this remarkable young man. God bless Bradley.
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