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Blackpool's Charlie Adam

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Player Valuation: £70m
Was watching highlights of Blackpool either this morning or yesterday, i cant really remember lol And i thought we should go for him, looks like a good player but others don't seem to think so..

Upper Sturry Sherbets

Know nothing about this player, there was a player at Hearts years ago called adam, but it's not this one.

Blackpool player Adam, apparently is 24 years old and has been at Bloomfield Road for a year now, was on Rangers books for a while, did not too bad a job, but far from a big name player.

Playing against the caliber of Scottish Premier league or Blackpool opponents are chalk and cheese from the hustle and frantic pace of the Premier League, I can't see this player ever being an Evertonian to be honest.

and £5 million pounds, can't agree with that.


Player Valuation: £50k
When he was with Rangers up here he did,nt really do much. A solid player but not by any means spectacular. He will do a lot of grafting and a lot of the dirty work but i would,nt say he was good enough for the premiership jst now. No where near as good as what we,ve got.

He had a good season on loan to St Mirren and pretty much single handedly dragged them to the first division title that season. After that got a run in the Rangers first team but none of the fans really took to him and in the end was getting a lot of stick from them.

He has done well since going to Blackpool a year ago but i'm sure they only paid £500 000 for him. Price far to steep if you ask me.

Phil Neville Superstar

Player Valuation: £35m
He was a Rangers or Celtic failure..............sounds like an agent talking if you ask me
Has been decent in the Prem so far, just goes to show how superior the SPL is compared to our league.

With 2 goals, 3 assists and 11 bonus points, he is the 3rd highest scoring midfielder on the Fantasy Premier League!

I'd have him.


Player Valuation: £35m
Leave him be at Blackpool, he is there best player, I want to see them stay in the prem.


Leave him be at Blackpool, he is there best player, I want to see them stay in the prem.
Very much this. He's the heart of the goings on there. Really hope they stay up, because they're a breath of fresh air. And Ollie's class.
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