Match Thread Blackpool Vs Everton Sunday 24th July 3pm kick off

Stephen Gibson

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I wonder if people agree with this part because for me he's absolutely shocking right now and I kind of think there are a lot of people will say he's doing well
As others have said in this match thread, we seem to struggle to get the ball into the two central midfielders & turn the play. He really struggles with finding good space for himself & the concept of quick triangle passing to turn the play forward.


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Correct me if I`m wrong but the last friendly we had at Blackpool in 2020 was 3-3 wasn`t it? We were 3-0 down inside 11 minutes....

Progress!!!! Yes, that was sarcastic. But all joking aside I loathe the 5 at the back and 2 man CM, we are so bad at it, if we want to play that way we need 2 new CMs and some wingers that understand the wide role with Wingbacks overlapping....

Ironic that we look to go 3 at the back when other teams are trying to bin it off i.e. Brentford canned it last season, Wolves are moving away from it if reports from their manager are to be believed, Brighton used it less last season than they ever have. 4-3-3 is the way forward whilst we haven`t got the players....

Mosh Pit

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Really disappointing to see so many negative comments for what was a very positive half overall.

Especially considering what just happened in the states.

Negative nancies!

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