Best performance by an opposition player vs Everton


no balls, no everton shirt,
Glenn Hoddle for a game at Goodison absolutely ran the show, we just couldn't get near him
.King the Millwall keeper when they beat us in the cup .

Andy McGurk

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From a strictly at the ground and not on telly point of view, Fabragas wins hands down. Thankfully most trips to Goodison since I only go to GS end Everton have either played well or gone unbeaten. This was the only time we lost and Fabragas ran the show from midfield, hard to complain, just better than our midfield at the time


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I remember two over the past few years and one will give me a load of grief.

1. Jota and Jiminez when wolves beat us 3 0 or 3 1 I think. Brilliant as a pairing that day.

2. Harry Winks when Spurs beat us 5 or 6 1 at goodison.
Was superb and totally displayed everything I look for in a midfield player.

The Trinity.

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Wasn’t there a guy who I think played for Rochdale. He scored two against us in a preseason friendly. Think we lost 3-2. Catterick then bought him. And never gave him a game. Remember reading all that in one of those 1960s football magazines. This guy was the next big thing. Or so I thought. Never played a match for Everton. And I can never remember his name.
And on another point, the Lampards always managed to score important goals against us.. If asking for a father and son combo that sunk us. Both the Franks ……junior and senior were pains in the @##@.
And as for teams, Norwich City back in the day were always a bogey team. And let’s not mention Carlisle. Bloody Carlisle.

sam domingo

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I remember my father taking me to watch us play Ipswich in 1980. Their whole team played brilliantly that day and beat us 4-0,but I remember thinking what a fantastic footballer Arnold Muhren was. Just made everything look so easy and effortless. The other dutch player they had,Frans Thijssen was brilliant as well. I was staggered (I'm sure I wasn't the only one!)when we knocked them out of the FA cup a few weeks later!

Black Belt Jones

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Gascoigne for Spurs late 80s - wasn't so much that he was the best player on the pitch (I think we might actually have won the game), just played like he was the absolute Boss having a kickabout.
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