2021/22 Ben Godfrey


Player Valuation: £70m
….even those of us who have supported his case for inclusion should not excuse a very poor aerial challenge for the 2nd goal. I have no idea if he’s been affected by Covid but it was still a basic situation he got very wrong.

He’s struggled in recent games, time will tell if there’s a reason for it.

….let’s hope you’re proven to be right, its looking like that Rolls Royce engine has blown a gasket.

He absolutely doesn't look fit.

Given our depth, or lack of, in the full back areas I look forward to our best centre half playing in the full back areas again this year.

better today

Seems clear that hes playing his way back to fitness.

So far this season his pace was probably 30%* of what we had seen season last season.

Today he looked up to about 60%*

*clearly not these % but he definitely looked more athletic today which points to him recovering.

He's a centre-back.

He's having to play at right-back because our recruitment department failed to do their jobs.

100% a centre back.

Rule of thumb,if @davek says its raining...it isnt.

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