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Battening down the hatches - An Evertonian Summer.

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Casa del Gringo has hardly been a football free zone since May. Mid winter in Oz is the pointy end of the amature and youth football season and by getting involved with Football Queensland's youth development, the long suffering Gringette has had a season of footie widowness of Bilyatedinov proportions. Even tonight there's an awards dinner, hands to shake and wallets to plunder for the good of the beautiful game and more Tim Cahill's in the future.

But with the exception of the stroll at Suncorp and the occasional late night/early morning battles with ETV, the Blues have taken an unaccustomed place at the back of the priority list. No money to spend and no-one to leave. Crossed fingers and good night Vienna...see you all in August.

Now with a proper test looming in the the shape of Wolfsberg and their potentially deadly strike duo of Dzeko and Grafite and Blackburn just a couple of weeks away, I find my self roused from my Toffee hibernation like Yogi Bear needing a pic-er-nic basket hit.

I step out into a Blue morning the likes of which I've hardly known. I went to sleep more optimistic than the average bear but now I find my self just the right side of Davek in the realism stakes. The demographic has shifted so much I'm starting to wonder if there's been a prozac party and my invite got lost in the mail.

Don't get me wrong. The smug self glow of banging the patience drum with Coleman, Rodwell and Bily is also being topped off like a massage with a happy ending by the newest potential Moyes masterstrokes in the likes of Gueye and Beckford. Squad strength to make Arsene blush, the [Poor language removed] haven't looked further from adding to their title haul of the 70's and 80's and then these new squad rules which we (for once) were more than prepared for could easily spread disenchantment amongst our wealthier rivals like a big wand wielded by the sort of fairy who doesn't take your teeth gently from under the pillow but kicks your grid in with size 10 Docs and then pinches one out in the gap.

Now Fabregas has commited to Le Arse the Daily Nazi will find space for an Arteta to Barca story or two, the [Poor language removed] will fall on their pish stained feet again thanks to some bending of the fit and proper persons test and Spuds rejoice at getting a powerhouse of Swiss football who will probably have to move purple cows to play their home leg. But who gives a toss. We are EVERTON, something will go wrong along the way but it's going to be a cracking season if not a title winning one whatever the numbers say.

Optimism restored, belief and pride raising... Time to go and rip Ranger Smith to shreds, nuts and berries my arse!

never mind battening the hatches, fasten your seatbelt as we are about to go into orbit, when i go for a wee I can sense it, the birds in the dawn chorus seem to be singing johnny todd and all the kopites I know wake up to another pile of shogdite outside their door.

Our Time Is Here.


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great post. everthing is looking good. as its been said million times b4 if we can keep tets and peanuts it'll be sweet. i think they'll give us till crimbo to see where we are. 12 points clear i reckon


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Great post!

I am truly excited for this season and truly excited for the match tomorrow (tomorrow, as I am in America). It feels strange for me to be this optimistic about sports but I really do think we have a great team and I can't wait for my first full season as a proper Evertonian.



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Well, the Gringo's north of the border do go on a bit, but I agree, this will be a significant season for us.


I temper that with a concern that 2010/11 will be a decisive season, in that if we do not start to reap those well deserved rewards, it will become the pinnacle of the last 8-9 years. I'm concerned that if we don't take that next step, this season, then it might be a case of looking further ahead for success.

I just think that Moyes will start making noises, our better players that have hung around because we were on the cusp of something big will start to think that it's time to re-evaluate where they are in their careers, and the good ship Goodison will be 10 years older.

I don't mean to rain on anyones parade here because I too am genuinely excited, but I think this will be a pivotal season that could determine the next 10 years.
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