Away Pub For Norwich Game

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Lee Smith

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Hi Guys, any ideas which pubs the Blues will be taking over on Saturday at Norwich?

I'm a Norfolk Blue (don't worry, my 6th finger was removed at birth) and will be making the short trip across from Great Yarmouth in the morning, and am just wondering where to head to join up with the Away crowd....

I know the last time we played there (2004, we won 3-2, Big Dunc off the bench to score a trademark header!!) me and my old man ended up in the Wetherspoons on Riverside, which was rammed full of merry Blues who were proudly ignoring the "Away Colours Must Be Concealed" rule, ha ha. Anyway, that pub has since changed names and is called 'Queen of Iceni'

Are there any other places the Blues tend to end up?




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Sory mate I'm not sure but I'd forgotten that goal, classic Duncan.


Boss Lid

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The G-town ultras,also known as the Blue Bangers, a proper posse of 5 for the Norwich adventure, will be getting into Norwich train station at 11.07, first boozer in view will do, probably the complete angler, or a quick march up the hill into the city centre. See you there.

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