Avoid the derby or watch in hope ?

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Lets face it we are hardly going into this derby with confidence and tge RS seem to have got it together, so if you haven't got a ticket will you watch it in hope ( you never know we could smash them) or avoid the game altogether.

Most people i speak to are going to watch through the fingers others not so what will you do ?


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I will be watching from row F of the Upper Gwladys Street. What happen's will happen. Much better than listening on the radio, or worst still in the alehouse surrounded by ersatz koppites who last went the match in 1998.

I just hope we compete, don't surrender or disgrace ourselves, but on current evidence, not holding my breadth.


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This is the last game we need at the moment. Players atrocious, fans on edge, discontent rising. A derby mauling, which is likely, is going to cause a massive meltdown just like last season. Gonna be great on here though.


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Surely, whatever game we go into, we can't have this defeatist attitude that's embraced our Club on and off the pitch. If we perform on the day we can give the best teams a game. Anyone who thinks otherwise, your 'support' isn't required.
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