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I actually wasn’t impressed with Arsenal, we are utter rubbish. That team isn’t going to win anything.

The Trinity.

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Doesn't really matter about this result today. We all know that. But still.would have liked to have seen a little effort. Just that little something to show that we might have something to build on for next season. Guess we won't be rebuilding anything around these players. Not good enough today. Most of this bunch are just not good enough.
So thank the footballing gods that we came back to win that match the other night. Don't think that even our missing players today would have made much of a difference. Apart from Richarlson and Pixkford , the rest are just much of a muchness.
So that a free hit today. It's forgotten already by me. But please don't start next season with those sort of results. Get everything sorted. Tough job I know. But it needs to be sorted. It just needs to be.
Up The Toffees. Our mainly useless but staying up Toffees.
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