Are we now....popular??

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we’ve always been popular amongst proper football fans, even those across Stanley Park to a degree. it’s the FIFA / Twitter generation who don’t seem to like us and I do not care one iota!
liked or disliked i would find it very difficult to believe anyone can question our support after what they’ve seen from us this season


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There’s 3 huge premier league standings to be confirmed tomorrow. Whatever happens the incidents from Thursday will be forgotten about and the social media tele clappers will latch on to the next bit of drama to sensationalise.


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I enjoyed this hot take from one of our “admirers” at half time against Palace.



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Popular the two clubs fighting relegation around us immediately start lawsuits as soon as we get safety- they can sniff it the rest of the media - team fans who did their best to see us relegated - teams who played Burnley in their flip flops to get beat .......
Should the be an enquiry about that ?....
Referees who forgot VAR ever existed ?when crucial decisions nearly got us relegated.....

Agent Rafael is also where it sadly went wrong - our board need to sell to a boified owner in the future to stop this ever happening again - so much money down the drain - poor investment in crocked players ....

In Frank we must trust .......
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