Anybody that can watch not watching tonight's Derby ?

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Thank goodness face masks are back


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I wasn't going to but a few lads on here have got me more up for it with a bit of positivity so I might as well now, until the first goal goes in after 2 mins lol


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Will be watching as long as (if) it's only a one goal deficit, if we start conceding then it's only following livescore until we hopefully are back in the game.

Can't stand to watch if we're beaten, let alone the sound of the commentators. Although McCoist who is on tonight is better than Beglin as co.


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Don't think I'll be tuning in personally. I'll be much happier just watching something on Netflix with the missus to be honest.


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Yep, imagine sitting through this car crash

RS manager in our dug out being clapped and sung to by 1000s of Kopites at Goodison

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