2022/23 Anthony Gordon

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £80m
I’m really not sure who they’re watching. Sure he’s one of our better players, but he’s nowhere near good enough for the prices being banded about. This would effectively put him up there with the best wide forwards in the league which I don’t think he’s anywhere near. I’m not even sure he’s that much better than Gray who himself has many limitations.


Player Valuation: £50m
If you want our club to ever be financially healthy again you accept £60m for academy players.

You can’t be a sustainable business, by returning negative on nearly every transfer.

We’ve seen with players like Sigurdsson, Tosun in recent time, just huge losses.

We’ve got Ourselves in this mess, yet because we’re in this position, you can’t turn down money like this. Get yourself in the cycle, turn a profit, invest correctly.

Regardless of whether we were in a healthier position. £60m for Gordon is not something you refuse, ever.


Player Valuation: £500k
£60 million is too good to turn down, the deal would have to contain a player, or two and we should tie up the targets ideally the lad from Blackburn before Chelsea announces so we don't get ripped off but this deal could give us the catalyst we need to really kick on.

Mr Happy

Player Valuation: £8m
Don't normally bother with stuff like that, but when somebody else, especially an established poster whom I normally agree with and get on well with, feels the need to shoot me down based on nothing more than a guess, I'll put the effort in 👍 It took about 5 minutes by the way...

You might not be a regular around here, but you'll regularly see people trawl through years of data to prove a point, so I'm not sure if you've just woken up on the wrong side of the bed to be so opinionated on something that really shouldn't affect you enough to need to comment. Hope your day gets better x
Eh ! I've woken up fine shag ! It was a compliment if anything but clearly you're a half glass full Ninja or maybe your Sake tickled on the way down. Hope your day also improves for what it's worth.


Player Valuation: £225k
If there's more than one club offering 60 mill, then why the help would we accept only that much? There is some serious , big interest in AG from clubs who either see themselves dropping out of contention (Chelsea) and others who see this season as potentially league champions (Spurs) and maybe City, who want to deprive rivals of what they (all) see as an outstanding talent. You can see why Newcastle wanted to get in early with 35 mill.
Agreed mate, given that it looks significant bids are coming in, as mentioned earlier, I think we might be better putting all of the money off the debt to address FFP. It would be sickening in many respects but we need to address previous failures or we will be caught in the FFP trap everytime a transfer window comes up. Get shut of the debt and start looking at what we need and serious options, not panic buys with a couple of days of the window left when most of the decent players have gone.
Be close to £120m in sales and we could go into the derby with Rondon and Gray as our main attacking outlet if we’ve failed to act appropriately.


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