2022/23 Anthony Gordon


Player Valuation: £500k
Imagine being Chelsea, getting turned over by Leeds and thinking Gordon is the Answer 😂 Now absolutely NOBODY likes Leeds but we have to thank them for getting tuchal tugging at his panic alarm! I don’t think we see this reported 60m if they didn’t lose in that fashion.


Norwegian doesn't mean kopite!
Now 60million bid supposedly from chelsea means they are out of their Minds, that is a bid we have to accept,
That cannot be real. Absolutely wild if so. The only thing wilder would be to not accept the bid. We should totally get some deals done before releasing any info of selling him, so teams dont try to pump up prices for players we're interested in even more.


Player Valuation: £8m
£50m plus add ons and Broja on loan would be a coup.

We need bodies, get Broja in and then have the cash to spend on a striker, another wide forward and a creative mid.

Get it done.
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