2022/23 Anthony Gordon


Player Valuation: £80m
….bit surprised by Gordon turning down a new deal, only because I always got the impression he wouldn’t cope with change at this point in his career. You see somebody entirely cosmopolitan like Onana can take the situation in his stride.

Saying that, I’m reminded he knocked on Ancelotti’s door so perhaps he has some ego.

i have no issue with Gordon wanting to leave, I’m just surprised he does. There’s usually only one way this ends, so the sooner we get a deal done, the better.

Heard this script many times mate, remember when Speed 'demanded' a transfer - and what really happened.

Billy liar using his pets to tell a story the happy clappers will lap up


Player Valuation: £8m
Realistically we need to sell in my opinion. If we don’t these bids will certainly mess his head. I don’t know if he turned down a contract few weeks ago. I don’t if he has told the club and frank he wants to leave. All speculation when comes to conversations behind closed doors. I just think this scenario will either turn his head or make him feel like he is the face and star of this club. The 45-50 million needs to be taken, reinvest wisely please everton.


Player Valuation: £25m
If he really doesn’t want to stay there’s not much point in stopping him. It’s sad that players don’t show signs of loyalty anymore, but can you blame him when the club isn’t moving in any direction and has lost its identity? If we’d had some success I have no doubt he would want to stay and be part of it.

The fans have hardly been hard on him either, at the games more often than not you hear his name being chanted.


Player Valuation: £80m
….ah, ok. So you are doubting reports that he wants to move.

We’ll soon find out because if he doesn’t want to move then the transfer can’t happen.

Rooney didn't want to move.
Speed didn't want to move.
Ferguson didn't want to move.

They all 'pushed' for moves whilst we wanted to keep them according to reports at the time.

All was proven to be bs later on though.


Player Valuation: £10m
Rooney didn't want to move.
Speed didn't want to move.
Ferguson didn't want to move.

They all 'pushed' for moves whilst we wanted to keep them according to reports at the time.

All was proven to be bs later on though.

We can add Lineker and Beardsley to that list. My owl fella would have been writing Ball, Lawton, Mercer too!


Player Valuation: £80m
People falling over themselves to sell the kid for basically whst we payed for Tosun and Bolasie.

But 45m we can rebuild them team with.

Take a moment and wonder after spending half a billion, why on earth is 50m gonna do anything, it won't, we will simply just lose one of the few positives in the club in years


Welcome to Barcelonaton FC
Gordon must be turned into Judas. It's the Everton Way.

A return to the nasty days for this club. I thought that was behind us when that gigantic waste of skin Kenwright sold up.

But here he is again doing what he does best: turning the press arse wipes he keeps fed to destroy another Evertron kid. And people lap it up.

You love a good Judas though.


Player Valuation: £60m
It’s all well and good playing fantasy football with the 50 million but we have a wage structure to live within and selling Gordon doesn’t make much space for the multiple replacements everyone has in mind.

Will his replacement take 30k a week?
Plus the striker, DM and anything else on the shopping list.

To spend the money we would have to move on about 3 high earners for free or on loan and there’s not much time to do this.

Moving out Gomes, Gbamin and A. Another won’t be easy.
As much as i like him, we would have to be complete idiots not to accept somewhere near 50 million for him. He isn't worth anywhere near that imo. Even Dicky Turpin had the decency to wear a mask. If he wants to warm Chelsea's bench alongside Barkley, that is assuming Barkley ever even makes the bench, then let him. More money for us to spend to bring some decent players in before the window closes.

My only worry is if we actually do spend the money wisely and were we need it because we are 4 days away now from entering our 3rd game of the season with no striker which is absolutely disgraceful after almost being relegated last season.
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