2022/23 Anthony Gordon


Norwegian doesn't mean kopite!
He tries hard but that’s about all I see in him unfortunately.
It didnt look like he was trying at all at points today. Didnt make runs or show for the ball. He needs to never play as a striker again. I would drop him to the bench next game tbh, Im sure he would be better as an impact sub as he has shown nothing in the past two games to merit him being in the starting 11.

Eagle Eye

Player Valuation: £2.5m
Basically what everyone else has said. Can't shoot, can't take a set piece, no physicality and a serial diver. Probably can get to a byline and dink in a cross, but that is about it. Definitely not the messiah, but a decent counter attacking winger.

We need a different formation set up to be honest..

Mosh Pit

Player Valuation: £8m
Not gonna be digging the lad out personally.

Hes being asked to do a job hes totally not suited to.

Judge him when he can get somewhere he can make a difference.
Yeah fair enough.

If anything, Gray deserves the spotlight on him today.

Just isn't doing anything productive and doesn't seem to even want the ball - you can tell.
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