Confirmed Signing Andros Townsend

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Player Valuation: £70m
Just watched the “Get to Know” video posted by the social media team; it is very difficult not to like this fella. Speaks very well, he’s humble, driven and enthusiastic about his future with us.

This is exactly the type of personality we need at the club.

Having seen the “Everton Unseen” video posted earlier, we seem to have a lot of quite immature youngsters in the squad; having Townsend around will hopefully see an improvement in attitude and results on the pitch.

I imagine someone of Townsend's professionalism wont take well to the likes of Davies & DCL playing dress up.

As you say think he'll be a calm head in the dressing room.


Player Valuation: £60m
He hit the woodwork. The only thing David ginola did for us in his thrilling stint. I actually think Andros isn't a bad option for part of a match


Player Valuation: £150k
8th for most successful crosses premier league last season. Supplying DCL and richarlison could be good option. If only we had a Tim Cahill still playing. I don’t think it’s a bad option to have on a free
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