2022/23 Andre Gomes


Player Valuation: £15m
You're entitled to your opinion mate, but you're out on a limb.
I don't know... I'd say the majority of comments I've seen since he left back mine up.

A few seem to remember him being amazing for a brief spell on loan, but if that is their definition of amazing... Well, each to their own.


Player Valuation: £10m
Good riddance to a truly awful player. No fight and turns the speed of a tanker. He had one decent game pre injury at the hell pit and even he missed a sitter. Been responsible for some of the worst midfield display I have seen from a efc player and I have watched the likes of Claus Thomsen


Player Valuation: £15m
Overall - 100 Games, 2 Goals, 7 Assists and 23 Yellow Cards

Premier League - 88 Games, 1 Goal, 4 Assists and 19 Yellow Cards

On balance in the League, probably contributed to at least as many goals conceded through daft free kicks given away in dangerous positions than he contributed at the right end.

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