2022/23 Amadou Onana

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Not at all what we needed at the time and how it's showing now. Desperately in need of attacking reenforcements and money is tight, so what do you do? Spend 80% of your budget on a non-goalscoring, young and inexperienced midfielder. Sure he might turn out to be a fine player, but let's not kid ourselves that he's the second coming of Vieira or the Senegalese Roy Keane. Right now there are many, many similarly young players in the league that joined their clubs for much less and are miles better than him.

He’s got all the attributes to be top class but that was another poor performance with minimal contribution

I wonder if he’s feeling the pressure from what’s on the line in this relegation battle as he’s only a young lad and hasn’t experienced this before

His best performance was Dyche’s first game when there were no expectations and it was a fresh start but when we need a performance he makes too many backwards passes and looks like he’s frightened
Explain one attribute he has? That swivel & turn at the Emirates had us all fooled, he’s woeful.
The disappointing thing is I think his performances have regressed as the season has gone on and you expect the opposite with a young player new to English football

I dont really know what has happened
i think he knows he’s goin in the summer and try’s to kid us with this cheerleading rubbish

Some very weird views in here.

What's so weird.

He has offered nothing offensively for the majority of the season.
He is naive at best without the ball.

For a man that talks himself up to move onto the upper echelons of the game he needs to prove an awful lot.

His lack of professionalism and lack of team spirit has cost us today.

Stealing a living being a PL footballer.

I bet you can't name five things he's done this season to warrant such praise.
You know who the big players are when your backs are to the wall. This fella, like so many others, is a pygmy.
Not difficult. Garner is a fine example. Put in effort is all we ask for, bare minimum.
Even Doucoure, whose average performance level is diabolical has made countless contributions that have meant we aren’t down already. Can’t score, can’t create, can’t defend. He has decent tackle stats but the number of opposition scorers this season that have at some point in the build up been within 1 yard of Onana and then tapped in with him 19 yards away thus looking blameless is astronomical.

And it’s no coincidence. It’s blindingly obvious to the opposition. Get Onana to pick you up, so say Gana hands you over to him, then when he turns his whole body towards the ball, which he will, just trot into the box and wait for the unmarked chance. It’s on whiteboards and laptops in every club guaranteed. It can be a very simple game if you have your eyes open.

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