Confirmed Signing Amadou Onana

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Patrick Sarsfield

Player Valuation: £25k
Looks like a great signing . I am getting a little more confident. We seem to have strenghtened the spine of the team which was our major downfall last year. We will be a lot more difficult to run through this year. Impressed with what we have done so far with the limitations FFP have put on us. A little depth in the forwards dept and we should be good to go. Seem to be a team on the ascension. Lots of money cleared out at end of year too so we can build further


Player Valuation: £80m
I'm not sure Brands ever communicated enough so my view there differs. I just hope Thelwell is left to do his job, not without having to justify things, but to actually be able to do it. I dont believe Brands was ever in full control. Unfortunately Moshiri has been massively supportive of managers but has definately intervened, his financial backing cannot be questioned, his operations should be.
For me mate both Unsworth and Ferguson 'deciding' to suddenly find ambitions to manage away from Everton was a big sign that Thelwell has a lot more control than some think.

I think both those decisions where in business terms allowing a long standing employee to leave with respect but both were informed they would be going regardless.

For this club it went under the radar just how unusual both leaving was but for me it was a sign he has full control of everything below board level.

I also think Bill is being used as the face of deals that have already been sorted out rather than the one negotiating now


Player Valuation: £25m
Mina out for large parts
Dominic Calvert-Lewin out for months
Richarlison out for a while and out of form
Allan out for a while
Doucoure out for weeks
VAR decisions against us
Benitez as manager
We know that, but to outsiders who have no clue, it just looks like were in a financial mess and almost got relegated BUT we do have crazy dedicated fans
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