Confirmed Signing Amadou Onana

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Player Valuation: £20m
Is Onana better than Soumare the last he replaced at Lille? Cos Leicester haven't been very impressed with him apparently!


Player Valuation: £950k
I was a bit surprised you didnt sign him.

Looks perfect for Arsenals midfield.
I think we we're brought up in the conversation a few weeks ago, but agent talk I think.

Arteta confirmed tonight we're after 1 or 2 more signings, I'm thinking a mid / winger

Tielemans or a Sangare + Gakpo.


Player Valuation: £90m
I'll feel a lot better if and when a forward comes in. Just a bit concerned we may have spent our budget on other positions of lesser priority.

He looks good and I like this sort of signing, even if it looks a little expensive. We can start to play a midfield 3 at times if we can get him and Gueye and Doucoure can then be allowed to get in the box. We need goals in this team, that is the big concern right now. We need to be able to score goals to get away from trouble.

I'd be more than happy to sell Allan, Gomes, Gbamin or get as much savings on their wages as possible with loans.
I think there's budget still. We only paid a small amount (whatever it was, it was less than. £5m) up front for McNeil, and spent nothing on Vinagre or Tarkowski. We probably still have at least £10-15m to play with after this deal, but then throw Gana in so maybe looking at £12mish as a rough estimate (talk was we had about £30m at the start of the summer to go as soon as FFP was satisfied). So it's then about finding a team that is willing to sell any player for a smallish up front fee, though they may well value a loan, especially if the Dele money has not yet gone out.

I wouldn't say any positions weren't of vital need mate. We have half replaced Richarlison in terms of his creativity by signing McNeil. We haven't replaced Richarlison's goals but that's hard to do. But we're going to try and have been trying.
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