2022/23 Allan


Player Valuation: £8m
Shame about how it worked out with him, feel like he’s been very unlucky with injuries and things like that. Best of luck to him though, don’t think you could ever accuse him of ever giving less than 100%.

On another note though even more plaudits to Thelwell and Lampard for the work they’ve done on clearing out the squad in such a small space of time. Feels like everyone in this squad either has an important part to play or are ok depth on the outskirts of the squad on not a lot of money.

Don’t think theres anyone that’s outright useless and taking a massive wage from us anymore, compared to even last season where we had Sigurdsson, Delph, Tosun and so many others who weren’t worth their wage to the squad.

Long may this smart financial operating continue.


Player Valuation: £8m
That lil crew is breaking up eh. Mina will be gone in the summer as well, you'd think.
Would say so, unfortunate but he’s been killed with injuries and is out of contract. I can see us going into next season with Tarkowski, Coady, Godfrey, Holgate and Branthwaite as our CBs, getting rid of the wages of Keane and Mina whilst losing nothing on the pitch is even more fantastic prospects for us.

Charlie Sweet

Player Valuation: £30m
Ashley Williams levels of falling standards. Had high expectations when he arrived...but I guess with the changing of so much personnel it could only end one way. Kudos to the management for shipping him out.


Player Valuation: £8m
I remember saying this fella was something of a disappointment early enough in his tenure at the club. Of course, the usuals thought such a view premature. But it wasn't. These days, you can judge whether a player is going to be a success or not in 80% of cases within the first three months. The signs are usually there. Experienced players, in particular, don't normally depend on a lengthy period of acclimatisation to show their worth. Allan just did not possess the passing or fitness to cut it in the Premier League.
It was.


Player Valuation: £90m


Player Valuation: £500k
I loved Allan but just like James it kind of actually shows his level, Napoli, to Everton to now Walheinz beans or whatever. To me, it’s end up of career stuff where he himself knows, I can’t be bothered playing anymore and at least I will be in a hot country earning a fortune now. He could of gone to a fringe Spanish club like Betis or Sevilla etc but going to UAE has urghhhhh written all over it. I loved him, but he could only play 45 mins and used to give cheap free kicks away on the edge of the box in every single game. Thanks Allan, you where a cog in a great experiment, which failed…. Miserably.


Player Valuation: £90m
Moving him only saves the wages since we incur the amortization either way on this year's books. I, for one, will miss him.

I hope the move works out well for him.
Really mate for this financial year 22/23? we can’t pro rata from Sep - July, 10 months? Its why I wondered about the deal, I thought we may negotiated his book price, 7.13.


Player Valuation: £50m
Not for me. I think he was a disappointment from very early on. He had good days and he’s not as bad as some others we’ve had but anyone who was saying he wasn’t all that in his first season was telling the truth in my opinion. He just wasn’t cut out for this league at the time we signed him and it showed from very early on.
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