2022/23 Allan


Player Valuation: £30m
I remember saying this fella was something of a disappointment early enough in his tenure at the club. Of course, the usuals thought such a view premature. But it wasn't. These days, you can judge whether a player is going to be a success or not in 80% of cases within the first three months. The signs are usually there. Experienced players, in particular, don't normally depend on a lengthy period of acclimatisation to show their worth. Allan just did not possess the passing or fitness to cut it in the Premier League.

Sheedy's right peg

Player Valuation: £500k
I think he really wanted to stay and believed he could get back in the team.
He lived in the area and his kids were settled in school. He'd be out running and cycling with them in the street or playing in the park (as seen on video with Richarlison).
I am fully aware none of this means much in the brutal nature of winning football matches.
But when so many players and managers live in hotels or commute from the other side of the country, it was refreshing to see.
He wasn't the signing of the decade but he gave it his all every time he played. Hope he does well and can finish his career in a much better league than the one he's just joined.


Player Valuation: £20m
Dont think we ever seen the best of him would have looked better in a 3 has been a ok signing. Just didnt have the pace for the league, is good to move on with his wagea


Player Valuation: £40m
Wasted for a lot of his time here, but he was quickly losing his level and selling him was the right move.

I wonder if we got anything for him? Just his wages off the books is a big win.
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