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So you would want a four part series about Everton In The Community and how great the new stadium is going to be for the City? They would show the ladies team and then have a coffee with ex Everton players that are now coaching the kids because we are a family and all that

Spadge Vernacular

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The only way is this.

@GrandOldTeam has to start selling these (below) from the website shop, with @matty1878 and @Joey66 manning a stall in the park end carpark selling the same.


We have to get one to Moshiri too.

For the uninitiated we hit them hard and we hit them fast with a major, and I mean MAJOR leafletting campaign!

When the press ask what it is all about we use the platform to spread the message to our global fanbase from Bognor Regis to Rhyl.

Only then can we restore the clubs righteous path.


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I genuinely think if they'd filmed us last season or this. It would be one of the funniest, cringiest, most shocking shows there is. The Office meets Partridge.
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